On November 8th, the first Japanese Speedcabling Championship will be held at Make Meeting Tokyo. The event is being hosted by Make Magazine, Japanese Edition, in accordance with international speedcabling regulations.

Contestants will race to separate bundles of tangled cables. There will be several rounds, culminating in a grand finale of head-to-head, 4-4-4 cabling action. The winner will be certified as the 2008 JAPANESE CHAMPION, and receive temporary custody of the Japanese Speedcabling Title Belt (a golden cable).

Please come to the Speedcabling Entry Desk at the Make: Japan booth to sign up to participate. The event is free, open to the public, and can be found at Tama Art University, Hachioji Campus, Tokyo. Please contact Tetsuo Kanai if you would like to participate.

The first official SPEEDCABLING competition was held at Machine Project in Echo Park, CA. The competition included the following events:
Time Trials
Feb 6 2008
8 - 11pm
An open session in which aspiring cables race the clock to advance to Friday's semifinal round. Contestants will be timed using a 2-2-2 bundle. Please email machine@machineproject.com to sign up for the qualifying round.
Final Competition
Feb 8 2008
Public competition at Machine Project. Speedcabling interspersed with lectures. The eight qualifiers will compete in two four-person semifinal rounds. The winners of each semifinal will advance to compete in a final round, each facing an intimidating 4-4-4 bundle. Come watch this exciting competition, and learn about the history of telecommunications in los angeles, knot theory, and much much more!
all events will be held at Machine Project
1200 D North Alvarado Street Los Angeles, CA 90026