STEVEN SCHKOLNE's interests span a wide range from emotion to logic. As a child he was an avid musician, winning several awards for piano composition. A bit of a math prodigy, he went on to earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Caltech, where he received a Pixar fellowship. His DISSERTATION blended computation with art, inventing a SURFACE DRAWING machine that allowed him to draw digital light sculptures by tracing shapes in free air with his hands. While at Caltech, as ESSETESSE he created highly layered musical compositions that were a precursor to the current mash-up scene. He taught for 4 years at CalArts, where he lectured in machinima, geometric topology, and technosociology. He is one of the original members of NEEN, who during the dot-com era proposed an innovative blending of traditional painting, HTML, and domain names. in 2004 Schkolne created SPIDERMESH, an interactive tool for transforming realistic photographs into a semi-cartoon state. He has shown his spidermesh paintings, along with dozens of interactive projects, prints, and websites in numerous galleries, museums, and art fairs around the world. His first photographic book, "How Tall Are You?" brings together his interests in photography, composition, society, and the body to tell a very personal story. He has consulted and designed products for top companies, including BMW, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Toyota. he is currently the CEO of VAIN MEDIA, an award-winning interactive studio that creates apps and games for top brands such as Target, NBC, Mattel, Bravo and L'Oreal.

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